Saturday, July 23, 2011

Do we really care?

Do we really care?

by Nasra Abdulkadir on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 10:59pm
When you gaze toward an infant who's hand in placed in his forehead, on account of famish and thirst.
Are you sadden by it or does it depressed you ?
When you see an image of a child who's stomach is heavyweight over his tiny body.
Do you weep or find your self in lament moment?

When you see a nursing mother who's is in a poor quality and, her toddler in weeping on top of her.
Do you wish to help?

When a mother of six, reaches she destination she is left with only two out of six.
Do you find tears rolling down you chins?

Did you answer YES to any of this questions?

Yet you and I dispose an eatable food Every Single Day.
Yet we decide what food to eat, and mention how we DISLIKE this food and that one.
Yet we are annoyed and bothered by a headache and simple pain.
Yet we spend hundreds of dollars on our cellular Ever Single Month. And unworthy stuff.

Do we really care for them? Or it's A matter of time, that we feel sorry for them?


  1. i going to keep it short, i wrote a long piece and the internet cut out, man!

    so this time i'll just say masha Allah, very good post and jazakallah khair for the reminder.

  2. Man I hate when it does that !!!! JZK for the comment !!!

  3. Peace upon you,

    Your post contain truths. Pity and do nothing to help is a waste of time. We must always thank to Gd for what we have and make sharing is our obligation.

    One world, One Gd.