Monday, July 4, 2011

Missed You

People change over time. The greatest problem is trying to find out why they’ve changed without blaming yourself. The person that you cared about, the person you cherished . The one you use to  finished their sentence for.The once who pulled you out from the darkness. The one you loved for the sake of Allah swt. The one that pulled you towards your religion. The friend, the brother, the sister, the  great mentor. The one that used to lend you a shoulder to cry on. The one that could read your eyes. The one that knew what you liked and disliked. The one you fought with one minute and made up the other. 

You might wonder, what happened between us? How did we get to this point. You never took a walk without me. And Now, we walk on a different roads. Even thought we are going the same place. We use to laugh together. Now you laugh without me. We use to play hide and seek. Now you hide from me. And I don't seek for you. What happened between us. 

 You blame time. I blame us. You blame Age, I blame us. You blame the distance. I blame us. Yes it had been 10 years, Yes we had grown into two different people. But, what I can't deny is the pain that I see in your eyes. What I can't deny is the sorrow behind your laughter. What I can't condone is the silence. I famish for you friendship, I strive for our partnership. You hesitated to say my name. I refused to utter about you. What had gone wrong between us?

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