Saturday, January 28, 2012

The best way to get down on your knee ( IN MY World )

Make sure it's something money can't buy...

1) Take her to the beach when the sun goes down, find a private spot, lay down and watch the starts
Tell her that she reminds you of the start, because when you look at her your whole life shines.  Face her and tell her you want  to die in her arms :) (yeah you need to go to jared :) and handed over.

2) Wait untill it's her birthday, make a conspiracy with a family members, (to let you in ..of course. DON'T BREAK IN LOL)  wait untill it's 12:00 sit next to her bed, wake her up wish her a happy d-day and ask her to take you as  her husband. :) It's weird don't do it lol.

3) Take her to dinner, at the top of the tower, write her a poem.
   list the letters of her name. and tell her every letter means love to you, because every time you say her name, it remindes you of how much you love her. GET Down on one kness and ask her to make your dream come true.

4) Tell her you will make sure she cries everyday, (with seriouse face) .. then say..of course tears of joy. Tell her you will make sure her face wrinkle,, of course with laughter. (everytime she is felling down)
Tell her that her  phone won't be unlimited , of course my love for you is .and always will be.. 
Tell her you can't promise her to be the only women that you'll hold on your arms and kiss goodnight..Of course were gann have a baby girl ::.. then asker her if she could help you  achieve your goals....


  1. Wow, thats a big achievement for a MAN, a mere simple man, men! Women are strange or maybe men are just to simple but i suppose if the person is worth it then the stars are not enough...

  2. Asalamu Aleykum,,, yh I know what you mean.. it rarely happens..but most of the people don't think that way,(that she deserve more)..but yeah... I say he deserves more too ( don't make his pocket bleed) lool,,,something money can't buy...