Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why the ladies like the "BAD BOY"?

Why am I writing about this, and not doing my homework ,,writing the essay about paranormal? that  IS UNSOLVED MYSTERY :).  Any who, I was talking to a friend and she had relationship dilemma. I don't know how but our conversation switched to a "good" Guy and "Bad" Boy and why ladies prefer the bad guy.

I did a bit of research and I have realized that most the sociologist say women prefer the BAD BOY, because she knows what to expect from him. Nor will she find herself disappointed down the road. I myself have done a research lol.. seriously I thought about it and I figured it out. The sociologist are right on one side and wrong on the other side. Yes, they do it for "protection" but not the kind of protection that sociologist are aiming at. The "Bad" boy had done it all. Drug, Jail, Women, Gun, you name it. So if he settles down for her, that means SHE is different, than what he saw out there..And there is a very low chance that he will be back on his game. (Because he DONE IT ALL AND SEEN IT ALL) 

Unlike the "good" guy who is more likely and willing to settle for any kind of women. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that is bad. But the Good guy did not do what  he wanted to do.. What do I mean by that, you might ask? . I have seen it with my naked eyes, 20 and 30 year old getting married and ending up in what is known as  unhealthy marriage. Because he wants to do what his pals(who are single) are doing, because he settled for her sooo early. And didn't get the change to do what he wanted.  Again Don't get me wrong. I have also seen a 20 year old who got married and are happily married, but that rarely occurs.

So that "Good guy"" sits with himself one day, and asks himself "why did I get married?"

While the "Bad boy" sits with himself and says, "I done it all.. I AM DONE!!! time to get married" :)

Okay let me make myself clear.. I am not saying go get a bad guy,, .But I am just explaining why they do what they do. (at least that WHAT I came up with )


  1. Thats a good point of view eventhough subjective..i Think your right about the good guy being frustrated and yerning to do what he hadn't done and not having the strength to do what he wanted prior to getting married..good

    At the end of the day, (real)WOMEN are attracted to(real)MEN and men are attracted to women, so, if a man acts like a man and comes of as strong, rough and tough etc then a women would be attracted to him regardless of his looks, but the good man or the weak man, well, no one wants a pussy cat! just give him a bowl of milk and his happy, no she want a lion that will go for the kill

    the homework isn't gointg to do itself...lol!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yeah, no one wants a pussy cat.(i like how you phrased it ).... back to the homework hahaha...