Sunday, February 20, 2011

Islam spouse


The Couple are two separate individuals and when their love is consummated and when they get married they became one flash. As Allah said “ your wife are like a clothing to you as you are to them. The word “clothing” position as their is nothing between wife and husband, They are clothing to each other in every aspect of life. It also implies adornment and beautification.
AS it deliver a blow to a common question that non-Muslim  ask: Why do does Muslim women cover their body? . To answer that there are load of reason generally however, I want to mention one of those.

A scholar was asked what’s the most thing you love about your wife? He said her beauty and they asked what is the second thing you like about your wife he said her beauty then they asked the 3rd time he said her beauty they asked the 4th time he said her respect for her religion and family and the 5th time he said her respect for me.
As a Muslim women we cover our self because 1st we been told by god not men. 2nd we respect our self and when other look at us they see that we respect our self and we gain respect.
When you are married and you wear a clothing that are too revealing your actually getting other men attention ever action have a consciousness , which leads it to an affair road
When you keep your beauty inside and you revealed to you flash (spouse) truth you will last together surly (insha’allah
Tips to be successful wife/husband
When he/she comes home greet them with a wonderful greeting. Even if You have a bad day and the last think you want to do is talk just give them a kiss, you will surprise to how it can change their feeling for the day.
2nd Imitate them be fully active, play games tells them jokes, chase them around the house. with intention of them not being bored, or even think about to leave the house. Build a feeling that they want to be around you 24/7, miss you when they are not around you

3rd show a gratitude, Thank them for even the tiny nice think they do for you, make them feel grateful

4th ignore argument , it’s a fire to you house. Don’t be contentious, seal it with simply I’m am sorry, even it its not your fault, if you try to balance your world your building a firewood, watch how sweet the argument will end if you say “listen I’m sorry lets be friends again”. Afterward try to talk to them in sweet way to solve the problem. If you disagreement continues just say “ I will be the older child”. Immediately their feels will change, and you will succeed
5th Listen and obey each other, you get what you give, don’t expect to get it before you give it.
6th pray for each other that Allah make your marriage successful,

Never forget to ask Allah ta'ala for the blessing of having a successful marriage that begins in this Dunya and continues on - by the Mercy of Allah ta'ala - into Jannah

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  1. Your words are very powerful. They do get the message across. You are a very gifted writer so i hope to read more. Anna