Monday, February 21, 2011

Lowest on the list

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I recently read an article about the dilemma which Somali civilians are facing, hunger crisis and pirate and everything in between  in CNN. Someone commented  they said. "Somalia doesn't offered anything to the world, nor are they helping themselves, lets use the land to evaluate and examine nuclear weapon and keep dumping the toxic as usually". It was pretty devastating, Highly destructive to my eyes. Nevertheless It made me  look upon overall the whole nation of Africa. They lack of something called "forward movement". Every leader puts himself first. What I still haven't came into understanding is it lack of open-mindedness or love of power. 

98% of African nation falls into the dictatorship government.Whether it's Totalitarian, Theocracy, Monarchy. Military dictatorship, Anarchy, Transitional. You name it, the list goes on. The upraising, protest that is taking place in the "Arab world" is an effect brought by "YOUTH". Not just any typical youth "AN Educated youth
 that bloomed from their  cages. Insha'allah they will all successes in their journey. 
I wonder if they asked themselves even once " What can I do to change our nation , To make it better place. Economically, Health care, Education and yeah The protection of our civilians.

It's quite apprehensible that social mobility is what attackers this young civilians. And their leaders are not enjoying the  adjustment that is about to happen. This people love power so much. More than anything . They make the parliament vote for them.OVER AND OVER AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Wait what is erring  to divide the power into  equally  branches.  The missing pieces in the nation of Africa also happens to be"LAW". Perhaps it would be  beneficially to provide law that declares. "your term starts from this point and ends at this point. nor can you expand your term nor  can they rerun after that time is over". Literally,  Africa lacks  following rules and  regulations.  If someone doesn't step up the game and demand change and laws and rule, or perhaps write a break-up letter to the dictatorship government. Nothing will change and Africa will always be placed in the lowest on the list.

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