Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Officially Nerd!

 People call me geek, Nerd, before I even start wearing glasses, . I usually wondered if they were being sarcastic. Not That I was as smart as they though I was. I use get "F"s  now and again.  BUT who knew , I NOW  officially consider myself A NERD, Who knew the nerd would get accept to University.And perhaps get scholarship. My GPA is average. 3.0. (Not the best.)..
However, I didn’t perform well on my SAT/ ACT, I got nervous the first time when I saw too many Asians   in the line . So I decided. To take it again in October. And then Again got edgy and made lower percentile then previous. (Asian were still there of course :) Stupid me I forgot that they  combine both grade. Nor did I  joined a club, I played Soccer freshman year and I quit it . My extracurricular was down the toilet. I did some volunteering now and again. But it didn’t last more then two weeks.( DON'T EVER share you dirty laundry with the administration.)

Long story short. My transcript  is not cute. So I just but the trust on Allah swt. and applied to two of so considered the best Universities in town . I received  a rejection slip From UNT.  Then I lost hope. I was getting ready to attend Community college. Then I received an Email asking for my  official SAT score and  an essay for the scholarship.  I send them an essay.  After 3 weeks and so. They again  send me another email asking for the transcript. I was ashamed with my transcript honestly.  I send it after a week with one eye closed. After 3 days I received a letter from them. I didn't opened it. I could smell  the rejection. So I went to sleep. After magrib I said tawakal  Alallah  and opened it. I even had a bones letter in there with scholarship. You may now call me a nerd ...
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  1. Mashallah sis. Sometimes Allah tests us and throws obstacles our way to see how we'd react. Am glad it turned out well for you. May Allah make it easy for you inshallah:)

  2. Indeed, this life is a test after all. Amiin may Allah SWT make it easy for all of us.. Insha'allah .

    Thanks for stopping by macaanto!!