Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Questioning God's Existence

I spoke with a Teacher, It's not usually what I do. If I ever do exchange words With Teacher it's based on my grades and improvement. But   some how our conversation  started from my Hijab(head cover) To a point where he told me that : He stop believing in god long time ago.

 I asked why? But he didn't answer.  His silence proved to me that  some where in his heart he believes in some kinds of existence of creator.

I'm sure some where in your heart, you believe in some kind of God,
He retort, YES! out loud
He continued, I use to go to church, all they preached about was:  damning of  god, all the awful things that he will do to us if we didn't follow what it said in the bible. He'll Punish forever those who decided not to believe in him. It's either "Hell or Heaven".  I always had condemnation about Christianity.
But you know what I don't understand is even, if God does exited and it's all  true, the god that  Christianity  depicted is way  far from being worthy of worship.

Why? I asked

 If god is all powerful like they say, the one that  created the universe and everything in between , who had unlimited power and knowledge. Yet they also showed a god so insecure that he needed his tiny creations to worship and praise him, to accept him as the most important thing in their lives.

What this grown  man who calls him self "Educated", what he didn't understand is the meaning of the  word "worship" OR maybe Christianity define worship as he said.

Of course god is not gaining anything from his tiny creatures whether they worship him or not.
To understand why human beings need to worship God, one must first understand what is meant by the term ‘worship.’  ,,, ‘worship’ meaning ‘honor.’  Consequently, worship in the English language is defined as ‘the performance of devotional acts in honor of a deity.’  According to this meaning, man is instructed to show gratitude to God by glorifying Him. 
In the Quran, God says: “Glorify the praises of your Lord...” (Quran 15:98)
in the Quran , God states:
“The seven heavens and the earth and whatever is in them glorify Him and there is nothing which does not glorify His praise.  However, you do not understand their glorification.” In this sense, glorification also becomes worship when humans choose to obey God’s instructions regarding His glorification.  

At this point I was speechless with this insanity. I was raised in house hold where god exited. And in my heart I believe in god. Absolutely did I had ever doubted.  He told me that he was always depressed ,anxiety, Lonely,  tried some various of  therapies but their is emptiness in my heart. I want to be loved, and cared for. Like others. Who are reaching their goals and gaining happiness. Ever year I feel like I have not achieved anything substantial.  Sometimes  I pray in the middle of the night but there is no answer.

I asked what he meant by "there is No Answer"
To let me know, show me signs of his existence, anything, He said

 Our neighbor has 6 year old son, She once asked me to pick him up from school. As we were walking toward home. He looked up and asked me, who build the the sky?

I said, I did.
He laugh, you are not that tall.
Then I said okay mommy did
No! she did not
okay dad it.
He is short too , he said
Then I asked him, then who do you thing did.
He said I don't know, I don't thing there is a human tall enough to built it, even if they use tall  latter nor get on top of  the plain.

A child just six years old is intellectually capable of figuring out that there is something else beside mommy  and daddy(HUMAN). If you happened to be walking and you saw a footprints You won't question whether someone have been  here , you won't doubt whether they rolled in the sand or walked. You  won't be able to find who walked if you get in the crowd. But somewhere  in your eyes you know what you saw. I don't know how more clearly this can get. Just look around you!  Is human capable of such creation?. Is science that Powerful. Are You stupid enough to thing the sky is blue because it reflects the ocean.

When this man said, he prays but there is no answer. What he means is : while he was praying he wanted god to open his window and cold wind to enter and touch his body and  tremble. To show his existence and sign of god showing his gratitude to him. Or he perhaps wanted god to break his lamp or shake his bed to show his existence and that he was mad at  him.  His brain is FULL of  Lack of intelligence. Or maybe that's what they preach about. How god will punish you. In order to make one love god. But Islam  teaches us how great God is.

 His emptiness  came from perhaps him not believing in god. Those who DON'T believe in God. No matter what they accomplish they fell "Less". They find themself  "Lost" in the middle of the night staring at the 4 walls. They have  "Lack of confidence" They always feel "Lonely" They think they need others to love them and help them out,  reach out to them .( THE ONLY help they can get is the Help of GOD, all it takes is believing in God). They blame god for being sick, They blame god for living in proverty. They claim if such God  exists than why I am I in this situation. state of being angry they deny his exists. stubbornly and arrogancy pushed them to the thin line. They take the hard road. They soon see no reason to live, and not worthy. So they end their life.  They refuse the  fact that God will test Them, Few pass the test, those who have faith, those that are strong. They are not left out, they get reward hereafter. 


  1. Loved reading this ... and loved visiting your blog too. will come back again in leisure. all the best. :) .... and yes i am fascinated about the way you have described your country.

  2. Hay there! I friended you on yousaytoo.com I really enjoyed this post! I loved it actually. You said this all so perfectly. I too, do not understand how people think that there is no God, but yet there is earth, people, the sun & stars and oceans, animals. How the heck can people not see it? I wonder too. I was pretty shocked to read what the teacher said to you. That didn't seem very teacher-like of them.

    Anyways, I am following your blog! I hope you'll come by and visit me sometime... if you want to. : http://www.kendrasuniquestyle.blogspot.com

    Hope your day is filled with joy and blessings,

  3. It's a nice anecdote of you and the neighbour's son. When I was younger I allegedly believed for a while that God employed all the construction workers who were building in "the world" in front of my house after I heard the story of of God created the world.

    I do have a question though.

    In your last paragraph you claim all people who don't believe in God feel "less" "lost" and "lonely" and yet, although they don't believe in God, they blame God for the unhappiness in their lives. Furthermore they have no reason to live and are not worthy. ??? Then they're labeled as "arrogant" and "stubborn". Is this really what you think of non-believers?

  4. @Kendra,, Thanks for your agreement. I sure did visit your blogs , and It's off the hook. LOVE IT. And thnks for the add.

    @Clouds and Daffodils.. Incase you have misunderstod what I point it out. Allow me to explain

    I Not emphasise they should commit suicide. It's what most of them do. They feel less and end it. Because of emptiness. And "YES" That is what I think about Non-believer THERE is no different between theM and the Animals.!!!