Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Islam prohibits polyandry

  I was once watching Discovery channel . A country in South Asia called Nepal one of their few clan   practice polyandry.  In order to avoid confusion of unknown father when she gets pregnant. they only allow brothers to marry one wife. Since advancement of medicine and technology  is able and they won't be able  to specify  the real father if  few unrelated male marry one women. They perform this act for several reasons, such as. The men over populated  females. And one of the major reason is   financial   crisis . Instead  of providing for different house holds. Why not only spend it on ONE house hold.

  Having several husbands, the wife  will not find it possible to perform her duties as a wife.  Woman who have more than one husband will have several sexual partner.. Which will also require the wife to  shift over each night. Therefor a  higher chances of  developing  sexually transmitted disease. Also it can build negative qualities to the offspring. Lets say  there is to occur a battle between the brothers. And they decide to go into different directions. If you and I were drinking a milk and we pour our milk in one bowl and decided to take back. You and I will be able to take back the amount of milk that was in our glass, but can you be able to separate your milk from mine. It's preposterous.   What kind of men wants to share his wife with his brother subhana'laah  It's just a disgusting act. Everything that Islam prohibits and obligates  has it's own reasons.  

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