Sunday, March 13, 2011

You could never pay back

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The weather was nice last week.Mother and I decided to take a walk.  On our way back home, there was unbalanced rock,which she didn't see.  I was  walking next to her and  bothered by the little chiwawa  barking.
I turn and I saw her half way to the ground, I tried to catch her but it happened so fast. There was nothing in between her and the sidewalk. Thanks god there was no cars in the street.  Alhamdulilaah  it was  not severe.  She said when you guys were little when ever you fall , I hold it you tight to comfort you, blowing over your wound  carefully till you stop crying. Now it's your turn to take care of me.  As I was cleaning her wounded noise .  I realized  how time has taken its toll on her. Day after Day how fragile she looked. Her face surrounded by these countless lines. Her gray hair display under her scarf. I couldn't help it,  tears passed though my eye line. I didn't know why I teared.  is it  because I was thankful For having  just a great mother. Was I scared of taking over,Now that she was in  position  that she needed us. and doubted  whether I could be as kind and caring and loving as she was to us.

Or was I  just not ready for it.  I remember sleeping well,  when I fall sleep on her lap. I remember the food tasting incredibly  good  when she cooks it . I remember feeling worried when she leaves, worrying if she would come back. I remember having the biggest smile on my face when I see her come back.   How comfortable I use to be to share my dreams/ and stories with her. How I loved when she tells us the story about the man who had two wives. Even though she told us 1000 times. But she never got tired of watching us burst out laughing. When she went to the whole neighborhood and praise about our accomplishment in school. How she made us  up keep our head up no matter what.  When she didn't had the  the 10 dollars for our transportation, we watched her go up and down the hill  tears on her chicks searching for a loan to get us to school. How she knew when we do things and try to hide it from her. She use to tell us that she has an eyes on the back of her head. And we believed her.   All Praise to Allah. Only He knows when our time is due . I pray everyday to die first before my mother is gone.
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  1. :( you know what, i wish same. i so love my mother soo soo much :\
    love ur post.

  2. masha Allah very very nice post, our mothers are gifts from Allah and we shoud take care of them. but then if you died first emagine the pain your mother would feel.

  3. @AW, mothers are the best, thnks for stopping buy

    @abu muadh, looking back makes me ponder, how selfish I was to utter such, concern for your own welfare and not hers. Good point mashalaah